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‘Little People, Big World’: Did Audrey Watch the Show Before Meeting Jeremy Roloff?

Audrey Roloff wed Jeremy Roloff on Little People, Big World. But did she know about the show before meeting him?

Little People, Big World: Jeremy Roloff Grows up on Television

Jeremy Roloff spent most of his childhood in front of a camera. Little People, Big World first aired in 2006. The show followed the Roloff family as they went through their daily lives living on a farm.

The family caught viewers’ attention because Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff have dwarfism. They even have four children. However, only one of them is also a little person.

Jeremy is Zach Roloff’s twin. However, despite their height difference, they did a lot of activities together. They were into sports and spent a lot of their time outside playing on their family’s property.

Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff have gone through many milestones around the same time. The Little People, Big World reality stars got married not too far apart.

They also have children who are very close in age. However, one twin decided to ditch the show with Audrey Roloff while the other still shares his life with viewers.

Audrey Roloff Meets Jeremy on Blind Date

Audrey Roloff had a completely different upbringing than her husband, Jeremy Roloff. She explains her younger self as a “Jesus-loving, frizzy redhead living in the suburbs” who spent weekends in the mountains skiing. She was a distance runner and the captain of her team.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff
Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff – Audrey Roloff – Image Credit: Instagram

Audrey met Jeremy on a blind date before going to church. The Little People, Big World former cast member reveals that he had pursued her for two years. But they stayed friends. However, they then decided to give their relationship a try and dated long-distance for three years.

Audrey then wed Jeremy “in front of millions of people” on the TLC show. The early beginnings of their relationship leading up to the birth of their first child were all captured on the show. However, after a few seasons, they felt it was time to live out of the spotlight and off the show.

Little People, Big World Celeb Never Saw Show

Audrey Roloff explains that her friends often make fun of her for her “lack of knowledge” of anything mainstream media or pop culture.

So, did she watch Jeremy Roloff’s family show before meeting him? According to the TLC star, she had never seen the show before her blind date with her now-husband.

However, that all changed when Audrey started dating Jeremy. The Little People, Big World reality star explains that she saw the first season with him.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff
Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff – Audrey Roloff- Image Credit: Instagram

Audrey felt that she was watching a “professionally done home video” of her then-boyfriend when he was in middle school. But she hasn’t seen any other seasons, despite being on a few.

Yet, Audrey Roloff did watch specific episodes. She and Jeremy would watch episodes that were about certain milestones.

They saw episodes of their engagement, wedding, them moving into a new home, launching their business and other important events. They even got to watch the episodes before they aired.

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