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Meghan King Claps Back At Fans Who Call Her ‘An Outfit Repeater

Meghan King has received criticism for several reasons over the years, but as usual, she has never let them get to her.

The reality star is popularly known for starring on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and being vocal about matters close to her heart, including parenting.

Most recently, she was mocked on social media for repeating her clothes, but she slammed the haters with a new post, indicating her support for sustainability.

Meghan King Shows She Is A Proud Outfit Repeater In New Instagram Post

King proudly owns the tag as an “outfit repeater” and lets critics know she does not mind the label as far as she feels comfy in whatever she puts on. On Instagram, she clapped back at those hating by sharing a photo of herself in a luxury outfit which she revealed was one of her repeated clothing.

Meghan King claps back critics

The 38-year-old, who sat on a chair close to a bed, only captured her upper body, donned a long-sleeved black lacy top with intricate designs. She accessorized with dangling shiny earrings while her face was perfectly glammed up with highlighted eyes and nude lips. In addition, parts of her blonde curls were styled up, with the rest left in soft waves framing her face.

Echoing critic’s comments about her way with clothes, she wrote in the caption, “Meghan King, you’re an outfit repeater!” Addressing the remark, King added, “Yes, proudly. This ‘fit is a three-peat, and it couldn’t make me happier. Comfortable, sexy, and no need to spend money on something new? Done, done, and done.”

Thousands were taken with the post as they rained support in the comment section for her sustainability choice. One of the comments read, “We love a thrifty queen,” while another fan exclaimed, “You have never looked better!”

A third commenter noted how gorgeous the media personality looked after showing love for “vintage/thrifty shopping.”

Similarly, another follower commended King’s appearance before a fifth admirer wrote, “I don’t blame you; that top or dress is beautiful.” Subsequently, a sixth comment read, “I love love love it it it!!! You go, girl!!!”

This will not be the first time the Bravo alum would be targeted by critics as she was once attacked online in March for employing a nanny but still needing some time.

Per The Blast, she unsurprisingly reacted to the criticism similarly using her Instagram Story, where she pointed out a negative comment she noticed on one of her Insta posts.

Meghan King

Filming herself in a vehicle, she stressed, “I work full time; I’m a single mom. Yeah, my kids have to have a nanny. They can’t watch themselves.” King then showed her middle finger and called out haters saying they could take her finger and stock it up their behind.

She revealed that she blocked those who liked the negative remark, as she wanted nothing to do with such energy on her feed. In another video, the social media icon attached a text that read, “PSA to any of my followers who say something negative or “like” something negative.”

She also elaborated to her followers that if they wanted to keep being updated about her life on her page without getting blocked, they had to only “bring positivity” and “good vibes.’

The Missouri Native Opens Up About Challenges Of Single Parenting Amid Custody Battle With Ex

While haters keep coming for King, she also has to deal with her ex-husband and the father of her kids, Jim Edmonds, whom she recently accused of being vindictive amid their custody battle.

She went on Instagram to lament with a message that elucidated her struggles as a single parent, “, especially in this horrific situation when the other side is consumed with a vengeance.”

Meghan King at KIISFM iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball 2019

The “RHOC” alum further claimed that she had been “beaten down, verbally abused, intimidated, threatened, and harassed” by her former partner, who showed no signs of stooping.

The situation was killing her soul, but thankfully, she had the Instagram subscription model to rely on, as she admitted that it helped her “release the abuse I constantly receive without having to dwell on it or rehash it.”



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