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‘My 600-Lb Life’: Chris Parsons Rejects Surgery but Still Drops a Ton of Weight

On My 600-Lb Life Season 11, Episode 7, we meet Chris Parsons, who makes a remarkable decision that few of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan‘s patients do. And what’s incredible is how well he succeeded in his weight loss journey without surgical intervention.

Chris Parsons Gets “High” off Eating on My 600-Lb Life

On the most recent episode of Dr. Now’s weight loss show with his patients, we’ll meet Chris Parsons of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And just watching him, you’ll quickly see why he’s a fan favorite and a huge source of inspiration despite not getting weight loss surgery.

Chris began his journey in June of 2020 and now he’s on My 600-Lb Life. Like everyone who comes on the TLC show, there’s a motive whether it’s saving their life or finding love. In this case, he says he’s doing it for his daughter Zoey Parsons.

My 600-Lb Life: Chris Parsons – Zoey Parsons – Image Credit: Instagram

As he started his weight loss process, Chris weighed in at 620 pounds as he chatted with Dr. Now. Parsons was in the grip of food addiction saying, “When I start eating, I get this high off of it,”

But he wanted to get healthy to be there for his daughter and decided to get serious about shedding weight. A turning point came when he began to lose his mobility and saw his quality of life slide into decline on My 600-Lb Life.

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Patient Declined Surgery on TLC Show

Often, what fans of the TLC weight loss show see is a patient that can’t (or won’t) stick to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight loss program. Sometimes, they have enablers in their lives that encourage their overeating and cause problems.

In Chris Parsons’ case, the whole family got in on the process of getting healthier. As Season 11, Episode 7 begins, he’s estranged from his mother Laura Parsons. But his health crisis pulls the family together. Soon, his mom and also brother Tommy are on the plan.

So, on My 600-Lb Life, there’s the three of them working towards the goals set by Dr. Now. His mom started at 225 and his brother at closer to 250 lbs. In the end, though, he decided he didn’t want weight loss surgery.

My 600-Lb Life: Image Credit: Instagram

It’s rare that one of Now’s patients qualifies for surgery. And it may be unprecedented for one to hit the mark and then say no to the renowned bariatric surgeon. But that’s what Parsons did.

He told Distractify, “I strongly believe that if you can do it without major surgery, you should… If you can naturally lose weight, I believe that is the healthiest option and I plan to live to be at least 100 years old.”

How is Chris Parsons Doing Now After My 600-Lb Life

On My 600-Lb Life Season 11, Episode 7, Chris P’s story, he dropped more than 250 pounds, tipping the scales at 380 pounds by the time filming ended. His mother Laura lost 35 pounds and his brother almost 35 pounds.

My 600-Lb Life: Chris Parsons: Image Credit: Instagram

Now, Chris Parsons reports that he’s still working on himself and on his journey. He’s not at his goal weight. But as everyone on weight loss journeys know, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

He’s just happy with the improved mobility and that he can do more things with his daughter Zoey and says he “learned a lot over this last year.” In a series plagued with more failures than successes, this is one of those rare cases where things go really well.

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