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One Of The Scariest ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Scenes?

Less than a month remains before The Walking Dead: Dead City takes Maggie and Negan into Manhattan, where we’ll get to see exactly how little “the city that never sleeps” has peacefully slept since the zombie outbreak. I’m still looking forward to Daryl In Paris even more, but another dose of the show’s most tenuous dynamic should also do nicely.

Maggie, of course, will never be able to forgive Negan for not only killing Glenn but also doing so in the most cruel and brutal way. Still, they must attempt to survive together in a way that they’ve never had to do before because walkers “fall from the sky” in this spinoff. The series will not ignore Glenn’s death because that’s not possible, but there will be some diversions, including a massive roach attack.

Yes, this will be a thoroughly “New York” show. Lauren Cohan, who is executive producing now, discussed how a “swarm of cockroaches” will attack Maggie and Negan while they are “hiding from walkers” and cannot do much about it. Here’s what Cohan told the New York Post, and yikes:

Thankfully, the roaches were the CGI kind. And Cohan was on hand to witness the digital bug magic. “That was a fun one to watch in post-production,” she says. “The augmentation in the sound of the legs, their shells scuttling together.” There was an initial discussion about which vermin would be most disturbing. “I think there was a time when we thought about doing it with rats,” she says. “But it was so much more insidious for it to be roaches.”

No thank you. Then again, I’d probably rather deal with roaches than this extra disgusting walker, and the same goes for that “running” walker. Cohan does, as well, say that the spinoff leaves things open for future installments, including “a second and third and fourth or fifth season.” Fingers crossed.

The Walking Dead: Dead City rises on July 18.

(Via New York Post)



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