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‘Return to Amish’: Mama Mary Schmucker’s Cancer Battle Update

Mama Mary Schmucker from Return to Amish has been battling cancer. Her health could be in jeopardy. But she chooses to remain positive and surround herself with loved ones.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker’s Cancer Diagnosis

Mary Schmucker has dealt with health issues over the years. When fans last saw her on Return to Amish, she tried to improve her health by changing her lifestyle. She got a personal trainer and went to the gym to work out. But exercising wasn’t an activity she liked to do.

Last year Mama Mary’s health took a turn for the worse. The TLC star found out that she has colon cancer. This type of cancer starts in the large intestine. However, it can grow through your colon and spread to nearby areas.

Mary Schmucker was scheduled to have surgery back in April 2022. She was hesitant about going under the knife. But, according to the Return to Amish alum’s daughter-in-law, Rebecca Schmucker, she got the colon surgery done and was recovering well.

TLC Star Receives More Bad News

Mary Schmucker explained that she was told they were able to remove the cancer. However, a couple of weeks later, she got a call about terrible news.

Mama Mary found out that she has stage three cancer and could head toward stage four. She wasn’t able to do chemotherapy. So, she had to go a different route and take medication.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker - Rebecca Schmucker
Return to Amish: Mary & Rebecca Schmucker | Instagram

The Return to Amish former castmate hasn’t spoken much about her diagnosis since the surgery. However, she did share that the tumor has shrunk.

Rebecca Schmucker also recently gave an update on her mother-in-law. She doesn’t like talking about the TLC celeb’s health since it is different day by day. She feels that some days are better than others. However, she says her mother-in-law is “doing good.”

The TLC star has been spending a lot of time with family. She hangs out with Rebecca and her granddaughters whenever she gets the chance.

Mama Mary Thankful for Return to Amish Fans’ Prayers

Mary Schmucker tries to stay positive despite dealing with her health issues. She still interacts with fans and talks about what she has going on in her life outside of her cancer journey. Rebecca Schmucker’s mother-in-law has been knitting blankets and selling them to fans.

She even hosts Tupperware parties where she sells kitchen products. The TLC celeb keeps busy doing what she can to stay in a positive mindset.

Mama Mary has also been getting a lot of support and prayers from Return to Amish fans. She is thankful for all the words of encouragement she gets from fans. She feels that getting prays is the best and has helped her on her cancer journey.

Many TLC viewers miss seeing her on the show. Season 7 is currently airing. But Mary won’t be in the new season. However, her former co-stars, Sabrina Burkholder, and Jeremiah Raber, have continued to share their lives on the reality television show. Could we see Mama Schmucker return in future seasons?

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