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Ryan Edwards-Mackenzie Standifer Divorce Details Revealed: Is He BANNED From Seeing the Kids?

It’s been a rough few weeks for star Ryan Edwards.

Then again, just about any period of a few weeks in the life of the former Teen Mom star could probably be described as rough.

Ryan was arrested twice in less than a month, first for harassing his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and then for violating her restraining order.

(Edwards also had drugs on him during the first arrest, because of course he did.)

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have ended their social media hiatus. And now, they’re telling their story like never before. (Photo via Instagram)

Not surprisingly, Mackenzie has now filed for divorce from Ryan.

And it doesn’t look like there’s any question as to which party will be “winning” this separation.

According to court documents obtained by UK tabloid The Sun, Mackenzie alleges that Ryan is “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.”

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021
Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are headed for divorce court. (Photo via Instagram)

She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the divorce, insisting that she and Ryan are well past the point of settling their differences and rescuing their marriage.

Mackenzie listed the couple’s separation date as January 2023, noting that at some point during that month Ryan “became erratic and violent.”

She also noted that she filed a protection order request against Ryan when he “became violent with her in front of the parties’ minor children.”

Mackenzie, Ryan, and Their Dog
We now know exactly how much money Mackenzie Standifer earns per month. We also know that she’s the sole breadwinner in her household. (Photo via Instagram)

Standifer star also cited Ryan’s “history of substance abuse” as one of the driving forces behind the dissolution of their marriage.

And in the biggest bombshell of all, Mackenzie revealed that after she received a restraining order against Ryan, he vandalized her home so badly that, temporarily, at least, it was uninhabitable.

For that reason, her lawyers say, Edwards should be denied all parental rights.

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV
Mackenzie Standifer stands here and has a conversation on an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

“Following service of the Order of Protection on Defendant he vandalized the marital residence to the extent it became uninhabitable,” the divorce decree reads.

“In light of Defendant’s criminal and threatening behavior, criminal history and substance abuse, Plaintiff is afraid for the safety and well-being of the children in his presence,” it continues.

“For these reasons, the Defendant’s parenting time should be suspended until further Order of the Court.”

Ryan Drives
Ryan Edwards will soon be back in court. And once again, his long history of substance abuse will be considered by a judge. (Photo via MTV)

From there, Mackenzie’s lawyers requested a temporary restraining order to keep Ryan from “taking the children out of her custody or from school or daycare providers until further orders of the court.”

Obviously, Ryan will have the opportunity to fight for his parental rights when he and Mackenzie eventually go to court, but he’ll likely be denied access to his two youngest kids until that day comes.

We’ll have further access to this developing story as new information becomes available.



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