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Schitt’s Creek Was Simply The Best Thanks To Tina Turner

Early on in David and Patrick’s relationship, the two were really feeling things out because Patrick had never dated another man before and David wasn’t great at adult romantic relationships. Then, in season 4, Patrick serenades David with an acoustic version of “Simply the Best” at their store’s big opening party, and it’s a beautiful moment. According to an interview Reid gave with the CBC, Levy went to one of Reid’s live music performances and decided to put the actor’s musical skills to use in the series:

“Shortly after, that script came in. I think the line was, ‘Patrick plays a soulful acoustic cover of “Simply the Best.”‘ Dan always thought that song was lyrically beautiful, but such a danceable power anthem the romance didn’t get its due.”

The episode, directed by “Kids in the Hall” alum Bruce McCulloch, gives the scene plenty of room to breathe, and Patrick’s performance feels heartfelt and genuine. The reactions among the audience also feel pretty real, and Reid told CBC that Catherine O’Hara teared up a bit for real. It’s a beautiful moment, but the song gets even more potency when David turns the tables on Patrick and lip-syncs the song to him in their store one night. David always had an interesting time expressing himself and his love for Patrick because he didn’t want to be embarrassing, but he goes all-out in his lip sync and shows his boyfriend just how much he loves him. It’s so sweet I’m getting a bit misty just writing about it, and it’s not even the last time or most wonderful time the song gets played. 



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