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Sharna Burgess Shares Sweet Photos With Son Enjoying Australia

Sharna Burgess is in mommy bliss with her son Zane! 

About a year shy of being a mother to her adorable son— whom she welcomed June 28, 2022, with Brian Austin Green— the Australian ballroom dancer still bombarding her admirers with the sweetest photos she can find. 

The mother-of-one once again pulled fans’ heartstrings with a series of sweet snaps of herself and her baby boy soaking up fantastic sights during their visit to her home country, Australia. 

Sharna Burgess Shares Swoon-Worthy Photos With Her Son On Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, the professional dancer shared terrific moments from her vacation with her little one. The snaps saw the two riding on what appeared to be a boat on the ocean as they soaked up the sights. The 11-month-old child proudly waved the Australian flag in the second frame.

Sharna Burgess and son Zane enjoy Austalia

The doting mom wore a matching cozy grey sweatshirt and joggers, while Zane donned a blue shirt with grey pants. Burgess’ blond hair was swooped into a small bun, leaving space for her neck tattoo to make a cameo. 

“When you’re your photographer… Moms[,] you get me,” she began writing in the caption. She then opened up about the satisfaction she gets from documenting the “beautiful” memories she and her kid shares even when “it feel[s] silly to selfie or film moments with him constantly.” 

The 37-year-old penned, “The memories I have forever kept will remain in high definition even when my recollection doesn’t. To watch me with him and him with me in the simple moments.. nursing, reading, eating, playing, or exploring… it’s beautiful.” She continued reflecting on mothers’ instincts to fill their cameras with photos of their kids, even forgetting to be in it.”

After this, the “DWTS” star mentioned how she watches back the contents she had captured and realizes she missed some details. “I honestly thought I would remember EVERY SINGLE detail of Zane’s life so far, but I watch back videos and realize how much I’ve forgotten in only ten months. Sometimes, the little things that also mean so much don’t have space in my head. I see those videos and photos, and it brings it all right back,” she wrote.

The reality TV star used the last part of her caption to encourage her fans to document moments of their family, writing, “So start filling your camera roll with YOU and your littles, even when it feels silly or embarrassing because in the years to come you’ll be grateful you did. And so will they.”

Sharna Burgess and son Zane enjoy Australia

Many of her followers agreed with the sentiment she shared in her caption, with one writing, “I’m always thankful that my mom took lots of pics of us growing up. It helps keep those memories alive. ❤️.” Another noted, “This is beautiful ❤️ and so so true.” “I have 30,000 pictures on my phone. I get it 🥲,” a third fan confirmed.

Speaking of documenting special memories, the brilliant mom previously updated Zane’s first visit to the beach while touching down in Australia for the first time. The video showed the dancer guiding her tiny tot, trying to take some baby steps between his mother’s legs.

In the caption, Burgess disclosed how stunned Zane was amid the trip and the importance of sharing her love for the beach and Australia. 

The choreographer wrote, “All the firsts – Watching him discover (eat) sand, the awe and wonder on his face as waves roll up to his feet and the excitement at watching them crash further out.” She said, “Sharing my love of Australia and the beach with him has been soul food for me.”

Sharna Burgess and son Zane enjoy Australia

Sharna Burgess Is Not Too Happy With Son’s Fast Growth

The mama bear might be excited about capturing every exciting development of her son. However, she does not like him becoming more independent as the day passes. 

The television personality took to her IG Story to share a private text featuring a snapshot of her then seven-month-old resting while feeding himself with his bottle. He wore a onesie with a white fluffy blanket covering his whole body. 

The text conversation also revealed the adorable little one was watching the show “Elmo.” As seen in the photo, Zane can now feed himself without assistance.

Sharna Burgess and son Zane enjoy Australia

Over the photo, the Australian native wrote, “My heart swelled and ached all at once. Time is a thief.”



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