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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Lost Big Promo to Christine

Sister Wives fans expect Kody Brown knows by now that Christine Brown won out once again as she was awarded a spot that he’ll likely think belongs to him. Since the TLC show debuted over a decade ago, Kody expressed many times how he fancied himself the leader of the family.

So, when any business ventures were involved he usually got top billing. But today it looks like Christine somehow mowed over him without even trying.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Move Over, Christine Brown Popularity Soars

Something like this happened before when Christine Brown seemed to get top billing over Kody Brown where Google was concerned. When you Googled Kody Brown, you’d expect a description of the reality star showing up. But it didn’t.

Sister Wives Recap: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown | CBS

Instead, Kody Brown was described as “Christine Brown’s ex-husband” on Google. This is how the search engine introduced the man who once had four wives.

Today when searching Google for Kody Brown, “TV personality” is first in line, then followed by “Christine Brown’s ex-husband.”

Many fans thought it was a dig at the father of 18 when it first showed him as her ex-hubby. But Christine from the popular series Sister Wives has turned into an inspiration for many today. And, her popularity online is likely what caused that snafu in Papa Brown’s description.

Searches Drove the Google Description

Christine didn’t play games with her and the children’s happiness. Although, the Sister Wives patriarch thought she was bluffing when she first claimed she was leaving him, she wasn’t.

No, she packed and left to go back to Utah, which is the state she always considered her home. During that time she gained so much notoriety as Sister Wives fans made her a popular search.

So, Google seemed to give her a promotion above the man who prided himself as the head of the family. The search engine seemed to demote him down to an ex-husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Rides Higher Than Kody

As far as Google goes, it seems the search engine picks up on what folks are Googling the most when it assigns these descriptions to people. So, at the time Christine jumped ship on Kody, everyone wanted the scoop.

So once people started searching for Christine leaving Kody Brown it snowballed into Kody being described as first and foremost the ex-wife of Christine.

But now one of the biggest entertainment sites for television and online has given this ex-wife another boost above her ex-husband.

Christine Gets Unexpected Icon

A new report suggests that through the 10-plus years of the series if there’s one thing viewers learned was how everything was about Kody. Or so he seemed to think so.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Kody – Christine | Google | Max

Early on the wives seemed to back him up on his patriarchal thinking. But that slowly fell to the wayside for at least the three wives who eventually left him.

Today the new Max as in the HBO/Max entertainment channel seemed to honor Christine Brown as well.  It seems the only avatar available when saving a Sister Wives episode is one of Christine’s face.

There’s no Kody or even any of the other wives represented by icons if you want to save the show. So the scuttlebutt online today is about the expected reaction to this for the man who just lost three wives.

Once he gets a gander at who was picked by this big entertainment venue as an icon for the Sister Wives series, fans expect he’ll blow a gasket. And the fans of this TLC show today express how they’d love to see that.

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