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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Stuns Fans with Recent Weight Loss

Sister Wives star Meri Brown may not seem as close to her former co-wives, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown as she once was. However, she is not letting this stop her from keeping up with her TLC co-stars.

Fans can’t help but notice what remarkable changes all three women have made since ditching their former partner Kody Brown. Some fans think that the women no longer have Kody holding them back from becoming strong, and independent. And they think that is why amazing things are happening for all three.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown, Christine Brown & Meri Brown at War?

TLC fans say it is incredible how much Meri, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown have accomplished once they ended their relationship with their former polygamist husband Kody Brown. The Sister Wives stars have never looked better, or healthier. All it took for them to find and live their best lives was to say goodbye to Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown
Christine Brown – Janelle Brown | Instagram

She doesn’t have as many followers as her co-stars. However, she is not letting that deter her from keeping up with them. Many fans believe that the three Sister Wives cast members are at war, and in a way, they may be right.

Viewers who keep up with all the latest Brown family news know that leaving Kody Brown is not the only thing they share lately. They also share a common interest and goal and that is weight loss.

Christine and Janelle have dropped a lot of weight, and Meri is quickly following them. Longtime viewers know that all three women have struggled with their weight over the years. However, that struggle appears to have ended now.

Meri Rocks Revenge Body?

Janelle Brown and Christine of Sister Wives‘ weight loss journey began in 2019. But recently Meri looks to be giving them a run for their money pound for pound.

There is a lot of talk publicly about the women’s weight loss achievements. She has been more silent with her plans. However, she recently traveled to London. During her trip, the TLC cast member posted many photos that have her followers talking.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Meri Brown | Instagram

Meri’s trip looked like a lot of fun, however, her fans couldn’t help but notice her much trimmer figure in the photos. They also said they were stunned by her full body shot revealing a slimmer fit looking star.

She looks confident and content in her tight jeans. She also posted a few pictures to show that even on vacation she remains committed to her weight loss and fitness regime.

Sister Wives: Life Without Kody Agrees with His Exes

Sources close to Meri credit her positive changes to distancing herself from the Sister Wives patriarch. She relocated to Utah and now resides in Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

The Brown family informant adds that Kody has been very helpful and supportive of her decision. They both agreed to work on their relationship as friends and feel at this point it is the right move for them both.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Kody Brown | TLC

As for Christine and Janelle’s lives without Kody? They both agree they couldn’t be happier. Christine says she is engaged to the man of her dreams, David Woolley. The two are reportedly preparing for their summer wedding. Janelle is also ready for summer. She recently said she is getting her RV ready for a summer of fun and adventure as an independent woman.

Sister Wives viewers are eagerly awaiting Season 18. They say they can’t wait to witness firsthand all of the changes, both positive and negative that each cast member has experienced since the previous season.

They say much like Meri Brown, and her co-stars Janelle and Christine Brown‘s life changes, they expect a very different version of the long-running series. It should be interesting to see how everyone adapts when the show returns in September. What do you think of Meri and her co-stars’ changed lives?

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