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‘Succession’ Finale Fan Theories & Predictions

Have you “pre-grieved” for the Succession series finale yet? Good luck with that because I have a feeling that no one is prepared for what is coming. And if that happens to be an ending where no one is revealed as successor (which is possible), people will feel as though they’ve been gut-punched. After all, people are apparently putting money on the show’s final outcome, and our own Jason Tabrys made the case that a Greg victory would actually be befitting, given the various ongoing and connecting threads in this series and his recent transformation into mass-firing monster.

Now that Logan Roy has formally been put to rest, the fan theories are flowing on Reddit, too. I feel as though one of my wishes already came true with Caroline’s surprise gesture, but of course I’ve also got a favorite character (not Shiv) who I’m rooting for to become CEO. And perhaps I will break down like Roman did if this doesn’t happen, but first, let’s review some of Reddit’s most entertaining calls from a prediction megathread:

– I think Kendall gets a Godfather 2 ending. On top, but losing everything that matters.

– Kendall somehow wins, but in the final scene realizes it wasn’t worth losing everything to be CEO.

– Gerri becomes the American CEO. All the kids get shut out.

– Greg successfully plays both sides and completes his arc by firing Tom.

– I can see Tom being floated as the US CEO by Matsson as a late twist, but to me it just makes sense for it to be Kendall – dramaturgically speaking.

– The successor will be Zombie Logan

– Kendall gets the CEO job and before the episode ends he looks straight into the camera and says “it’s Successioning time” and then he successions all over the screen.

– Tom suffers a heart attack from the excess stress and lack of sleep. The heart attack mirrors Logan’s in s1e1. But, where everyone gave a massive effort to save Logan, the siblings choose to not act allowing Tom to die so that Tom cannot be crowned as CEO- Roman and Ken both say “Fuck Tom” – somewhat reluctantly, Shiv replies also saying “fuck Tom”. No one is able to attend Tom’s funeral, again contrasting with Logan’s funeral.

I also enjoyed this one, which seems to be the most accurate: “My only prediction, is that I’m going to be devastated.”

As for my preference, I’m still (futilely and inaccurately, no doubt) somehow holding out for Gerri to be named American CEO, which — let’s face it — could be the safest thing to happen to this empire, but it might not be the best thing for Gerri. However, my hunch is that the pseudo-Godfather II prediction is spot-on, and Kendall what receive what he believes that he wants (becoming CEO, thereby apparently winning Logan’s approval, finally), but he will lose everything else in life. No more siblings and no relationships with his own children. Then he’ll keep with the water motif by drowning in a bathtub (he has already freaked out in a bathtub… I’ll call that foreshadowing) or something similarly absurd. [End scene.]

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