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Succession’s Sarah Snook And Kieran Culkin Traded A Lot Of Their Lines While Filming

As Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook got more comfortable with each other and their characters, they became more fluid with their exchange of dialogue. “We’ve [swapped lines] a lot throughout the last two years, but this season [season 4] a lot we did a lot of like, ‘Would you say these lines, cause I don’t want to,'” Culkin revealed. “And she’ll be like, ‘Fine, yeah, I’ll take them, do you want this one?’ And I say ‘Yeah, I’ll take that one.’ And we just sort of like play.”

Sometimes these changes would happen in between takes, just moments before “Action” was called. “And as they’re rolling, I’d be like, ‘By the way, I might not say that line. I think something else is gonna come out,'” the “Igby Goes Down” star recalled. “And she’ll be like, do whatever you want. And I know that like, she’s got my back, so that’s a lot of fun to play with.”

Culkin has nothing but praise for his on-screen sister. “Snook and J. [Smith Cameron] are possibly my favorite people I’ve ever worked with in my life,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think Snook, in particular, I just feel the most comfortable with doing whatever.”

His feelings are definitely reciprocated — Snook also speaks very highly of her “Succession” co-star and similarly revels in their break-neck repartee. ​​”I just bounce off what he says,” the actor said, showcasing her immense humility (per Hype). “That man’s mind works so fast. And his brain is connected to his mouth with no filter. And so some of the stuff that comes out is appalling and you would never say in public! But you get to say it as Roman. I don’t know, it’s just always been fun.”



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