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T.I. Son Exudes Talent, Strums Guitar & Sings Hits On IG

Messiah Harris is the son of rapper T.I. and businesswoman Lashon Thompson his stepmom is singer Tiny Harris. He is making melodies of his own and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Messiah Harris Sexy Crooner Loading…

T.I. Son Exudes Talent, Strums Guitar & Sings Hits On IG

The musically inclined nepo baby has real talent and it looks like a career in music is in his future. He is on Instagram as Buddy Red and has linked to a profile clicking on the link takes fans to Buddy Red’s music page on whatever platform you prefer, Apple, Spotify, Tidal, you know them all.

Buddy Red’s single is called “1958” and it’s in the blues category this is a surprise seeing as his mom is more pop/R&B and his daddy is a trap rapper. But if you follow the 23-year-old on his social platforms you know that blues is right up his alley.

He often posts videos of himself performing with an acoustic guitar. Playing an instrument is always a sign of a serious musician, it’s not easy to learn.

Messiah Harris On His Own Path

T.I. Son Exudes Talent, Strums Guitar & Sings Hits On IG

Buddy Red’s real name is Messiah Harris and he is the firstborn son of TI and Lashon who also share another son Domani. Lashon shares on her IG that she is the momager for both her sons thus being responsible for Buddy Red’s budding career.

Messiah dropped his single “1958” on February 14. The bluesy hit opens with a pretty sick electric guitar rift and Buddy Red jumps in singing about his “baby” wondering “where are you”. His voice is raspy and powerful. And it’s crazy how much he sounds like T.I. if he went the rock realm.

Lashona is a proud mum and often showcases her son’s moves in the industry. A few weeks back she celebrated his “first show” in an IG post. She shared a video of the performance and wrote “go off son!!” on the screen.

For the caption, she gushed about her boy. “I am extremely proud and honored to be the mother of this kind of talent ❤️ great 1st show tonight son, many more to follow! 👑 #buddyRed.,” she wrote.

Buddy Red Is A Natural

T.I. Son Exudes Talent, Strums Guitar & Sings Hits On IG

The singer looks and performs like he is supposed to be on the stage. He rocked a pair of red pants, a blue collared shirt, and a vest over top of it. He received support in the comments from his younger brother, Domani.

“Man went crazy!!!🔥🔥,” he wrote about his big bro. Domani stayed humble in the comments and didn’t try to promote himself even though he is an artist himself. Domani is following in his dad’s footsteps and getting into the rap game.

Domani is currently gearing up for a tour after signing with Forever Records. He has a handful of singles now including his hit “Skydive” and his latest track “Hi-Ya!” he is also managed by his mom Lashona.

Tiny hasn’t shared any videos of Buddy Red or Domani’s music and T.I. isn’t on the gram but there is no question that they support heavily!



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