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Taylor Swift & Ice Spice’s Collab: Fans Cite Matt Healy

Not everyone is excited for Taylor Swift and Ice Spice‘s upcoming collaboration. On Friday (May 26), the two will release a remix to Swift’s latest single, “Karma,” which will arrive as part of Swift’s special edition of Midnights called Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition). While many of the Swifties and Spice Cabinets are looking forward to hearing the remix, several others haven’t forgotten about some comments Swift’s rumored beau, Matty Healy entertained while on an episode of The Adam Friedland Show.

While Healy himself didn’t participate in any sort of mockery, he laughed along as Friedland, and his co-host Nick Mullen imitated various accents and made offensive comments about Ice Spice’s appearance (per Rolling Stone).

Still, many fans believe Healy is guilty by association.

“using ice spice after matty healy called her a chubby chinese lady is interesting,” said one Twitter user.

“Interesting collaboration after what Matty Healy said about Ice Spice. Interesting indeed,” said another Twitter user, who then continued the thread with an audio clip from the aforementioned podcast.

Regardless of how they feel about Healy, many of Ice Spice’s fans are happy for her, as she is likely getting a hefty check for this collaboration.

“is this taylor doing damage control cuz matt healy is a pos,” asked one Twitter user. “either way ice spice getting her bag.”



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