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Taylor Swift’s New Jersey State Sandwich Declared By Gov

In New Jersey, a great sandwich debate has raged for decades. As The Hoboken Girl notes, there’s a distinct local sandwich with a long, rich history dating back to the mid-1800s. Today, some call the processed meat sandwich a “Taylor ham,” while others prefer the name “pork roll.” Now, though, none of that matters, because New Jersey governor Phil Murphy just officially declared a new Taylor Swift-inspired state sandwich.

In a video posted today (May 25), he explains, “In New Jersey, we have a reputation for a great war between Taylor ham and pork roll. Usually, we let you call it what you want, but since we have a superstar coming to town, we know all too well that we should commemorate the occasion. So today, we are declaring the official state sandwich of New Jersey a Taylor Swift ham, egg and cheese. Welcome to New Jersey, Taylor. We’ve been waiting for you and it would’ve been a cruel summer without you.”

He also shared the official proclamation, which reads, “WHEREAS, Taylor Swift is a Superstar and will Forever and Always remain Untouchable when creating meaningful lyrics and performing her record-breaking music live; and WHEREAS, Taylor Swift will be returning to MetLife Stadium once again this weekend for her esteemed Eras Tour and it is Nothing New that she will bring out a crowd Bigger Than The Whole Sky; and WHEREAS, New Jersey has a Reputation for great debates on whether it is Taylor Ham or Pork Roll; and WHEREAS, in honor of one of The Best Days, New Jersey is Enchanted to announce the Taylor Swift Ham, Egg, and Cheese as the official State Sandwich of New Jersey and end The Great War between Taylor Ham and Pork Roll; and WHEREAS, New Jersey is proud to support Taylor and welcome her back to our Gorgeous State; and WHEREAS, on behalf of the State of New Jersey, we hope this weekend brings the people of New Jersey and Taylor a night beyond their Wildest Dreams; NOW, THEREFORE, I, Philip D. Murphy, Governor of the State of New Jersey, do hereby proclaim: The Taylor Swift Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich the State Sandwich of New Jersey.”



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