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The 14 Most Upsetting Deaths On Attack On Titan

Not to be confused with Ymir Fritz, the first human to channel a Titan’s power, Ymir is the member of the Scout Regiment who obtains the abilities of the Jaw Titan and Pure Titan for herself. At first, Ymir is self-centered and standoffish, but, as she gets to know the others, she allows herself to open up — to a degree. Eventually, Ymir ends up in the middle of the intrigue between Paradis and Marley, accepting her grim fate as Reiner brings her back to Marley to transfer her power to one of his associates.

Porco Galliard, the brother of Marcel, whom Ymir previously killed in her quest for the Jaw Titan’s abilities, eats Ymir to seize her powers. Ymir doesn’t resist, simply writing a letter to Historia, her only remaining friend, before she dies. Though Ymir’s death is not as graphic as other characters’, the heartbreak comes from knowing just how isolated she is under her veneer of bravado. Because she’s pushed so many people away, Ymir’s death is the loneliest in “Attack on Titan,” and quietly devastating in its emotional impact.



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