The Deck of Many Things: Where to pre-order

The Deck of Many Things is coming to wreak havoc on your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign. This classic magical D&D item, sometimes known as The Deck of Hazards, has been granted physical form by Wizards of the Coast and features a collection of 66 unique, tarot-inspired cards capable of sowing magic and mayhem in your next tabletop session.

The $99.99 bundle currently available to pre-order from Amazon and Wizards of the Coast includes the fabled deck in addition to The Book of Many Things, which features content for players and DMs that’s thematically tied to the deck, and an 80-page hardcover guidebook that explains the effects of each card.

Reserving a copy ahead of the launch date from either Amazon or Wizards of the Coast saves you $10 on the launch price. Additionally, pre-ordering from Wizards of the Coast will get you early access to The Book of Many Things on D&D Beyond starting Oct. 31, as well as a collection of other digital bonuses. Just note that pre-orders from Amazon cost the same as a direct purchase from Wizards of the Coast, but that doesn’t include a digital copy, or any of the featured pre-order bonuses.

While The Deck of Many Things was initially slated to launch on Nov. 14, a series of unfortunate manufacturing defects has suspended the launch to Jan. 5. However, early access to the digital pre-order bonuses available through Wizards of the Coast aren’t impacted. We’ll continue to update our pre-order post with any additional information as it becomes available.

The cards found in The Deck of Many Things use a non-standard size compared to those found in games like the Pokémon TCG or Magic: The Gathering. Thankfully, Ultra Pro makes card sleeves specifically measured for tarot decks, and the company confirmed to Polygon that they’re compatible with the cards found in The Deck of Many Things.

Update (Nov. 20): The launch date for The Deck of Many Things has been updated to Jan. 5. The post has been updated to reflect this information.

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