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‘The Flash’ McFarlane Toys Gold Label Statue Previews Reverse-Flash

The Summer movie season is in full swing which means The Flash is finally hitting theaters. With the film’s June release date just weeks away Warner Brothers and DC are pulling out all the stops for this multiverse epic. This means new trailers, featurettes, and posters. It also means a whole ton of new action figures from McFarlane Toys. The famous toy company has already released their main wave of figures that included multiple Flashes, Batmen, and Supergirl. Now McFarlane’s latest statue previews The Flash’s main villain.

The Gold Label Statue in question is of Dark Flash. The character hasn’t been featured in any of the marketing thus far, but McFarlane’s own bio reads, “As he pushes the boundaries of his powers, Barry Allen encounters a mysterious and terrifying vision amidst The Speed Force, something, or someone, is seemingly using the abilities of The Flash for nefarious purposes.” That doesn’t confirm who Dark Flash is, but in the Flashpoint story that the film is based on, Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash is the main villain. While it doesn’t seem like the traditional Reverse-Flash will be in the film, it could still be Thawne under Dark Flash’s mask.However, there are two other possibilities. It could be Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom who has taken on the Reverse-Flash mantel in the comics and was seen on the popular CW Flash series along with Thawne. That being said, the most likely identity of Dark Flash is a corrupted version of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. We already know Miller is at least playing two different versions of The Flash, present day Barry and 2013 Barry. This would make Barry’s quest to save his mother and retroactively the timeline more personal than it already was. There have been many evil versions of Barry in the comics and more recently in the Flash series, so there’s a precedent for that to play out in the film.


This statue also gives DC fans the best look yet at Dark Flash’s costume. It’s a very sinister design with the black finish almost looking like a Venom symbiote in its ferocious nature. However, if we’re talking DC, it visually looks like Flash was taken over by one of his villains known as Bloodwork. It’s as if Flash ran too fast or too close to the sun and his red suit melted to his skin. The classic gold lightning bolt chest symbol is bleeding into the suit and this Flash looks to be in some serious pain. There’s a lot of great detail in the statue itself with the rough edges and vampire-like teeth being a nice touch.

Image via McFarlane Toys

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What’s The Flash About?

The Flash will see the title DC hero go back in time to save his mother’s life. However, in attempting to do so he has created an alternate timeline where Michael Keaton’s back as Batman, there are no meta-humans, and Zod won the battle in Man of Steel. In order to restore the timeline, Flash must team up with a younger version of himself, Batman, and Supergirl before it’s too late.

When Does The Flash Release?

The Flash finally releases in theaters on June 16, 2023. However, if you’re a diehard DC fan and want to see the film a bit early, IMAX is holding special screenings across the United States on June 12. Until then, you can pre-order Dark Flash’s new Gold Label Statue for $39.99 on McFarlane’s website. The statue is set to release in June alongside The Flash.



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