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The Haunted Mansion First Trailer Is Terrifyingly Fun

The Haunted Mansion‘ is one of the most famous attractions in Disneyland but also, all over the world. It is known for having different alterations, like the one in Paris that has a different story and design than the one from California or the one from Tokyo Disneyland.

In Shanghai, China, ‘THM’ is totally different, as the concept of the manor isn’t spooky at all. Disney knows this franchise is legendary, and that’s why they decided to adapt this fabulous concept into a movie for the second time in history.

The Haunted Mansion
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Last week was revealed the first Trailer of ‘The Haunted Mansion’, the second adaptation of Disneyland Park’s spooky ride, and seems to have been well welcomed on the social media, particularly on Youtube, as the most liked comment by Francesco Fioroni says: “That look actually better than I thought. It gives me the right vibes like the Disneyland attraction”. And there’s a reason for that, and It’s actually very surprising coming from Disney.

A Scary And Faithful Haunted Mansion

This trailer surprised a lot of people since people were waiting for something even more childish than the first movie with Eddie Murphy. But this is not the case at all, because the concept seems really scary for a kid’s movie.

Haunted Mansion Poster
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The story follows a family moving into the Haunted Mansion and discovering that the house is more than haunted, It’s possessed by many entities. The first one, the bride, scares our small character to hell, and even the spectator to be honest. After that, they start to be pursued by a statue and leave the place. A character tells them that the manor is strange and that our main character will need all the help she can get to purify it.

The same character then proposes to someone to be a “hero” and to chase ghosts inside the mansion in exchange for 2,000 dollars. This is followed by a very scary sequence of the same character that walks in front of the same painting that changes plan after plan, and that’s even spookier than a moving painting. After that, we get many scary sequences, some characters even want to “kill” the ghosts, and that’s this last part of the trailer that seemed to have pleased the spectators. Why? Because of all the references.

The Haunted Mansion References In The Trailer

What people like the most in this trailer, more than the spooky aspect of it, is the ton of references to the attraction you can find inside it. First of all, the bride, Constance Hatchaway, that can be seen when we enter the attic in the Haunted Mansion, is at the beginning of the trailer. In the attraction, she is inside a series of five wedding portraits in which the bride’s groom always loses his head. That’s because she murdered her five husbands in the story of the attraction.

After that, the family is pursued by the moving armor which is also an iconic character of the Haunted Mansion. But later in the trailer, we have the famous Hatbox Ghost, a trending topic for the fans of the attraction. The Hatbox Ghost is a bonus character from the Haunted Mansion that people love. It can only be found in the Disneyland version of the attraction and only recently. It appeared for the first time in 1969 on the opening day of the attraction and disappeared very quickly because it wasn’t working well. And It’s only recently that they brought it back. This smiling character is special because a sudden poof makes his head disappear and reappear in a hatbox that he is holding. And that’s where his name comes from.

Hatbox Ghost
thehauntedmansion / Instagram

And of course, even if there are many more things to say about the references in this trailer, people got very enthusiastic when they saw the iconic moving elevator from the beginning of the attraction. This last reference shows how much effort Disney seems to have put into this film, as this Youtube comment says: “The set design/ideas on this movie is probably the most effort Disney’s put into a film in years. Honestly really dang hyped for this movie”. And there’s one thing for sure, the film is set to release on the 28th of June, and might please the pure fans of the attraction.



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