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TikToker Bails On Date Over Paying Extra For Cheese

A TikToker recently upset many people with her story about bailing on a Hinge date because he wouldn’t pay $3 to add cheese to his own burger. And now a new piece of information recently released that created some more anger. The question remains – is this story true or did Dafna Diamant just play us all?

A TikTok Video About A Hinge Date Gone Wrong Had Many People Talking

Dafna Diamant on TikTok
Dafna Diamant – TikTok

Diamant’s video recollection of her Hinge dates starts off with her walking home from the date in New York City explaining what just happened. “Guys, I just got back from a Hinge date. Why am I doing this to myself? So we scheduled to go to dinner, we are sitting at the restaurant, seems very nice, not a catfish, things are going well, and the waitress comes over she wants to take out order,” she began. That’s when her “issue” came into play.

As the waitress is taking their orders, her date said he will have the burger. After the waitress asks how he likes his burger, she than asked about adding cheese.

“And do you want some cheese on your burger? And he asked is this gonna be extra? And she says yeah, it’s $3 extra,” Diamant continued. “And he said, okay then never mind.”

She then expressed how bothered she was by the fact that he didn’t want to spend the extra $3 for cheese on HIS burger. While annoyed, she decided to just eat and see how the rest of the date played out. She also mentioned that he made a comment about everything costing extra lately, and she clearly didn’t like that he expressed his opinion. The two then ate their meals.

“Once I was satisfied, I got up and I was like I’m going to the restroom for a second,” she continued. “And I took my purse and I went to the waitress and I was like, ‘Hey, I just wanna pay the bill.’ And I paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant, and I texted him – the check is taken care of, you should’ve gotten the cheese – and I blocked him.”

Comments About The Date Didn’t Exactly Play Out How She Probably Expected

Dafna Diamant on TikTok
Dafna Diamant – TikTok

The date video got more than 7.7 million views and 57,000 comments, many of which didn’t side with Diamant. In fact, most people called her out for her behavior, not her date’s.

“That’s an awful way to treat someone,” one person pointed out. Another person added, “That…that didn’t mean you had to leave him in the restaurant?!”

Another follower wrote, “Phew. The guy lucked out! That was close.”

“He can choose how he wants to spend his money, $3 for a slice of cheese is crazy. He didn’t tell you not to get cheese he just decided not to,” another person pointed out.

She didn’t appreciate the honest opinions that people left on her original video so she created another video to call the responses, “unhinged.”

“Do you think I don’t know I’m crazy? I’m crazy,” she began her video. “But you’re taking it to a different level.”

While the majority of comments on the video were people saying they understand not wanting to pay an extra $3 for cheese and it was not worthy of ghosting him over, she claims there were some rude comments on all her videos.

“Some people going through all of my videos commenting that I’m ugly, that I’m a four, that I’m a two, that I don’t deserve love,” she said. “That’s not okay in any way. Why are you taking this stupid video so seriously.”

She then dropped a bomb. “I’m having a laugh about it. The guy’s having a laugh about it,” she said. “We’re talking still and we’re gonna go on a second date. He laughed about it. He’s a psycho like me, and we’re gonna have fun.”

This brings up some questions about the final comment on her original video about blocking him, and people started wondering if this is at all a real story.

“I thought you blocked him in the first video 😅😂😂,” one person pointed out. Another added, “Why is he going on a second date😭RUN.” Many others began to question the validity of her story and began to assume none of it’s true.

Plot Twist! Or Is It?

Dafna Diamant on TikTok
Dafna Diamant – TikTok

After posting the video about the “unhinged” comments and saying that not only is she laughing about the story, so is her date, she posted another video saying that her date is not on any social media and has no idea about the TikTok video about the story. So now her credibility is flushing down the toilet faster and faster as she tells conflicting information in each new video uploaded. See video HERE.

And here comes a plot twist of sorts. After all her stories and everyone pretty much telling her why she’s wrong, Diamant has now said that the whole thing was a lie. Is she trying to save face because everyone was so against her, or is she now finally telling the truth?

Diamant told NBC News, “If I’m sitting on a date with a person and I feel like he’s cheaping out on something that will make his meal more enjoyable, he’s going to keep cheaping out on the rest of our dates. It’s not about the cheese. It’s about going to a restaurant and enjoying a good time with your date.”

But then later talked about the guy she left in the restaurant saying, “He thinks it’s funny as well. And we’ve only had one date, so he’s not obliged to me in any way, but he’s checking in to see that I’m fine.”

Then the bomb entered the chat. “And I try to not take it personally, because it didn’t really happen.”

No One Knows What To Believe Now!

Dafna Diamant - TikTok
Dafna Diamant – TikTok

People took to the comments to share their thoughts. “Story has got more holes than Swiss cheese,” one person so perfectly pointed out (since the original issue was about cheese).

Another person said, “She paid for the this story to be published. 😅😅😅😅” One other person added, “Let her be single. She is clearly trying so let her have it.”

At this point, no one on TikTok knows what’s real and what’s fabricated. “*Makes internet mad* OH I WAS JUST JOKING,” one follower said, and many others had similar thoughts.

For a TikToker with only around 5,000 followers, she certainly knew how to stir the pot with millions of people!



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