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Tom Sandoval Continues To Blatantly Disrespect Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval has no ‘F’s to give.

The restauranteur and Raquel Leviss’ relationship isn’t slowing down.

Despite a source saying the two “are friends, but not putting a label on anything at the moment,” their recent actions hint at something more.

Tom & Raquel’s “Just Friends” Relationship Is Questionable!

'VPR' Raquel Leviss Fires Off Legal Docs To Co-Stars, A Forewarning To Haters

Following the DRAMATIC season 10 reunion taping, Sandoval and Leviss have been at each other’s sides, so much so that the former beauty pageant queen slept over at his Valley Village home he shares with Ariana Madix.

Leviss was photographed entering his home at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, March 28th, and leaving at 4 p.m. This led many to speculate the two had a sleepover.

The paparazzi photos show a highly unbothered Leviss packing up her car on Wednesday, March 29th. She had three bags: a beige Béis overnight bag, a white Steve Madden tote, and a black purse.

Did Tom & Raquel Have A Sleepover While Ariana Was Away?!

Ariana Madix Storms Off During 'Intense' On-Camera Confrontation With Tom Sandoval

If you’re wondering where Madix was during their overnight rendezvous, she was not home.

She’s currently on location filming a Lifetime movie, “Buying Back My Daughter.”

Her BFF and TomTom employee, Logan Cochran, took to his Instagram Stories to shame Sandoval and Leviss.

Ariana’s BFF Tells Tom & Raquel To “Have Some Decency”

“Is this how you all are making amends? Righting your wrongs? The robot has her apartment. Go there. Go anywhere else. Why did we get so much s**t for being at the house watching Beyoncé music videos, but it’s okay to have Rachel over?” Logan wrote. “Maybe at least PRETEND to have some decency? For the cameras, at least? And don’t worry Tom; I texted you about this before posting.👍🏻 I know that bugged you before.”

Instagram / @getlow89

However, a representative for Sandoval told Page Six, “Raquel certainly did not sleep over. She stopped by Tom’s house on the way to her interview for [“Vanderpump Rules”] at Evolution [Studios] on Wednesday afternoon.”

This is the first time Leviss has been spotted at Sandoval’s home since their months-long affair came to light.

Ex- “Vanderpump Rules” star Kristen Doute recently claimed Sandoval has not moved out of his shared home with Madix and has no plans.

Sandoval Admits He Regrets Cheating, But “Hindsight Is 20/20”

Ariana Madix Storms Off During 'Intense' On-Camera Confrontation With Tom Sandoval

As previously mentioned, the two ‘VPR’ co-stars aren’t putting a label on their relationship, and Leviss seemed to hint at that during a recent interview.

“We’re just kind of trying to get through these next few steps and trying to, you know, make amends, hear everybody out,” she told paps last week.

Most of their “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars despise them, as do show fans, and no one is really in their “corner” when it comes to continuing their relationship.

As you may recall, Sandoval was in a committed relationship with Madix for nearly a decade but decided to have a months-long affair with Leviss starting last summer.

From the ‘VPR’ mid-season teaser trailer, viewers learned the former couple had problems in the bedroom because of a lack of sex.

Sandoval Complained About The Lack Of Sex In His Relationship

“Having sex like four times a year…” he says, before a voiceover of Madix cuts in saying, “I can’t have sex with somebody who feels like a stranger.”

It also shows her skinny-dipping with a fellow who IS NOT her boyfriend.

Schwartz mentions an open relationship, which Sandoval is rumored to have told friends before his affair with Leviss broke out.

The jury is still out on that one.

A new Page Six report states, “Tom has been very emotional after the [‘Vanderpump Rules’] reunion.”

An inside source revealed, “He wants to make it work with Raquel, but he knows the odds are stacked against them as a couple.”

Following the reunion taping, Leviss and Sandoval grabbed dinner at Hollywood’s famous Musso and Frank restaurant. No other cast members joined them.



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