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True Detective’s Intense Season 2 Shootout Had Rachel McAdams Vomiting

McAdams and Farrell try their best to carry season 2 — while Farrell brings extreme complexity to his dirty cop with almost no redemptive qualities routine, McAdams uses the scant material to deliver a compelling performance as an undercover female cop holding her own in a field dominated by men. This very aspect regrettably comes into play as the season progresses, as McAdams’ character Ani is given very little to do after the drug-fueled “Eyes Wide Shut”-styled mansion mission, and she is sidelined in favor of the dudes engaging in more shootouts and apprehending the bad guys.

This makes her active presence during the shootout sequence more special, and McAdams relayed her experience of filming this physically-demanding scene:

“That one took about five days. That was pretty intense. I actually puked during that scene. When I was running and reloading my gun — it actually wound up being about 200 yards, it was like two football fields — and I was just going all out and we did it a couple of times.”

The actor went on to say that it was her “own fault” as she has been drinking EmergenC to maintain consistent energy levels, and this, combined with extensive physical movements caused her to hurl. McAdams, however, enjoyed shooting the scene thoroughly, as it was “really fun” for her to be thrust into action. 

As the stakes for season 2 are greatly amplified in the warehouse shootout, it set the perfect opportunity for the characters to reveal their inner workings during a high-stakes scenario, and underline the horrors of the very-real threats lurking in every corner of the show’s world. Moreover, the events that lead up to this point leave much to be desired, making this sudden burst of violence feel strangely momentous for show’s the central murder case. 



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