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‘Walkers Falling From The Sky’

Dare I say that there’s still time for you to bingewatch the entirety of AMC’s existing The Walking Dead universe if you have somehow remained immune to Walkers for all this time? If you get started now — and tear through 11 seasons of The Walking Dead (on Netflix), 2 seasons of The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (on AMC+), and the 7 Fear The Walking Dead (on Hulu) seasons thus far — there is no reason why you won’t be prepared for the May 14 return of Fear The Walking Dead.

Then there’s the June 18 premiere of The Walking Dead: Dead City, in which unlikely partners Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) venture into New York City.

That premiere date is official as of this past weekend, and the show has dropped a first bit of footage as a teaser ^^ that confirms the mission: to rescue Maggie and Glenn’s son, Hershel Rhee, who (as Comic Book relays) is at least 12 years old at this point. How did he end up in NYC? No clue yet, but let’s just say that cities remain a bad idea, long after Rick Grimes took his first franchise joyride on a horse.

As Negan declares, “Walkers are falling from the sky,” which does not sound like a good time at all. As well, showrunner Eli Jorne has also boldly promised to unleash “one of the most awesome, disgusting, terrifying walkers that I’ve seen in the history of the show.”

The show’s synopsis points towards definite trouble in “a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, long ago cut off from the mainland.” In this “crumbling city,” there will be a special breed of “anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.”

Following this limited series, we’ll see Daryl Dixon will wash ashore in his own France-based spinoff, and then we will eventually see Rick Grimes and Michonne reunite and get bloody in their own return to the franchise.

Additionally, AMC released the first railer for the eighth and final Fear the Walking Dead season (back on AMC in time for Mother’s Day), which picks up with Morgan and Madison feeling demoralized on the island, and only Mo (daughter to Morgan) can possibly make this “a better world” one day.

Fear the Walking Dead returns on May 14; Dead City premieres on June 18.



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