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When Does ‘Based On A True Story’ Come Out On Peacock?

The true crime streaming obsession is real for many people, and there has never been a more plentiful supply of dramatic reenactments based upon real-life than over the past few years. Kaley Cuoco has also never been more on fire than the past few years (Harley Quinn and The Flight Attendant, obvs), and she’s getting in on the gruesome game with a show that also has some fun with the fixation.

That would be Peacock’s upcoming Based on a True Story show. She portrays a woman who is so wrapped up in true crime narratives that she apparently gets hot and bothered at one point while thinking about the subject with her husband, portrayed by Chris Messina. The first eight-episode season of the series will be bingeable all at once on June 8.

Producers from The Boys and Ozark steer this twisted ship, so expect some mayhem. From the synopsis:

Based On A True Story follows a realtor, a former tennis star and a plumber who seize a unique opportunity to capitalize on America’s obsession with true crime. Emmy Award nominee Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant) stars as ‘Ava Bartlett,’ alongside Chris Messina (Air) and Tom Bateman (Thirteen Lives) in your next obsession.

Based On A True Story arrives on June 8.



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