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Where to Watch ‘Inside’: Find Showtimes

The highly anticipated psychological thriller Inside is set to hit screens this weekend, starring the iconic Willem Dafoe in the lead role. Dafoe is known for his ability to play complex, nuanced characters in a variety of genres, especially in psychological thrillers and horror movies. He has a tendency to bring a unique intensity and unpredictability to his performances, (point in case, Dafoe’s portrayal of the enigmatic detective Paul Smecker in The Boondock Saints). His ability to portray evil characters with a deep understanding of their motivations and psychology has also earned him a reputation as one of the most versatile and talented actors in the industry.


Vasilis Katsoupis, on the other hand, is a relatively new director in the film industry. Inside is the first film he has written and directed following his debut biographical documentary, My Friend Larry Gus. With his visually striking and thematically rich approach to storytelling, Katsoupis has quickly established himself as a rising talent in the world of genre filmmaking. Together, he and Dafoe have teamed up to create the high-intensity thriller called Inside. The film has been gaining buzz since its initial announcement, with fans eagerly awaiting its release. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Inside and how you can watch it.

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When Will Inside Be Released?

Inside had its debut at the 73rd annual “Berlinale,” also known as the Berlin International Film Festival in February of 2023, where it earned positive reviews.

The US theatrical release date is set to be on the lucky day of March 17th. The movie will have an exclusive theatrical release through Focus Features, so be sure to check your local listings for availability and tickets if you want to be one of the first to see this movie.

Inside Showtimes:

Willem Dafoe as Nemo in Inside
Image via Focus Features

You can use the links below to find showtimes for Inside at a theater near you:

Will Inside Be Available to Stream?

As of right now, there hasn’t been a set date for the digital/streaming release of the film. However, popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video should be quick to add the movie to their platforms as soon as it’s available to them. The film will likely also be available to stream on Peacock at some point within the next few months, as par for the course with any new Focus Feature release Since the Covid-19 pandemic, releasing films directly to video-on-demand has lessened the stigma about movies that “go straight to video,” or in this case, streaming VOD. It’s not uncommon anymore for high-quality movies to have an exclusive theatrical release only to become available on streaming platforms within a few weeks. Stay tuned here for any updates regarding digital streaming availability.

What Is Inside About?

Willem Dafoe as Nemo in Inside
Image via Focus Features

Co-written by director Vasilis Katsoupis and Ben Hopkins (In Search of Monsters), Inside is a psychological thriller that follows the story of a heist gone wrong in a high-tech bunker of an apartment in New York City. Willem Dafoe stars as Nemo, a sophisticated art thief who becomes trapped in a luxurious penthouse when his heist goes awry. It’s worth mentioning that the name “Nemo” has Greek origins which loosely translates to “Nobody.” The name has often been tied to nautical tales, such as the iconic Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as Nemo the clownfish from Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Most literary “Nemos” have been adventurers searching for something, with the most recent example being a young girl named Nemo (Marlow Barkley) in the recent Netflix original Slumberland.

With priceless art pieces and some serious saltwater fish tank setups as his only companions, Willem Dafoe’s “Nemo” must rely on his resourcefulness and ingenuity to escape his confinement. With these limited resources, he has to endure starvation, and dehydration and face his own twisted history. We’ve seen from Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man movie that Dafoe does not do well when isolated in a swanky New York apartment… will his inner “Green Goblin” emerge in this captivating new thriller?

This is the kind of movie made for people who really appreciate art, as the pieces of art that Nemo finds himself trapped with, are treated like co-stars. The names of each piece of work featured in the film (along with the names of the artists who created them) are actually listed in the credits before the other cast members. In the trailer, you can see that Dafoe’s character begins to create his own art while trapped in the apartment, as his only method of maintaining his sanity. Another thing you might have noticed from the trailer was a quick shot of Dafoe consuming something that looks eerily close to the saltwater fish from the tank shown earlier. (Fun fact: Willem Dafoe is well-known to be a strict pescetarian who takes an ethical stance against the animal farming industry).

The combination of cabin fever syndrome, a high-stakes heist, basic survival skills, and an increasingly mentally unstable Willem Dafoe promises to deliver a tense and suspenseful ride, with Dafoe delivering a standout performance as the trapped protagonist. Think of this movie as a triple crossover between Panic Room, The Usual Suspects, and Cast Away, tying in elements of theft, survivalism, self-reflection, and an impenetrable fortress that also serves as a cage.

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Who Is in The Cast of Inside?

Willem Dafoe during an interview for Inside

With an extremely limited cast, the forerunner is, of course, Willem Dafoe himself. As a highly respected actor with a career spanning over four decades. He is known for his remarkable range, and his ability to inhabit a wide variety of characters across different genres. Dafoe has played everything from villains to heroes, from troubled loners to charismatic leaders, and from historical figures to fictional characters.

Some of his most notable roles include his portrayal of the compassionate and dedicated Sergeant Elias in Oliver Stone‘s Platoon, the sinister and manipulative Green Goblin, as referenced earlier, as well as the troubled FBI agent Paul Smecker in The Boondock Saints, and the compassionate and understanding motel manager in The Florida Project. His versatility as an actor and his commitment to his craft have earned him critical acclaim and numerous award nominations, including four Academy Award nominations.

The owner of the penthouse which serves as Dafoe’s prison is portrayed by Belgian actor Gene Bervoets. Best known for his performance in the 2003 Belgian action-thriller The Alzheimer Case, also known in the United States as The Memory Of A Killer.



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